Advantages of making your weather avialable to the world

  • Community Visibility for your Airport

    Once Weather Nexus begins transmitting your data, weather reporting outlets such as The Weather Channel and Flight Service will show your current conditions. In addition, internet web weather sites will pick up your reports.

  • Accessibility for Charter and Commercial flights

    Pilots will now be able to check your current conditions and monitor them enroute before they file their flight plan. This saves fuel and may make the difference between a flight coming to your airport or going somewhere else that reports.

  • Live Real Time Weather from your Site on the Web

    The national network will only take weather three times per hour, so all internet and commercial sources have data that may be 20 minutes to an hour old. Only Weather Nexus provides a customized web screen for your airport which shows every observation, as it happens. The screen shows the current conditions updated in real time, and is available to the public. Check out a live screen for some of our customers:

  • Email notifications

    Our system automatically sends email to the addresses you designate whenever there is a problem with the data collection process. In many cases, the airport manager and our staff are the first to know when an AWOS is having trouble.

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