Why Choose anyAWOS?

  • any AWOS is affordable. Instead of expensive satellite sytems, we use a number of lower cost alternatives to find the best solution for your airport.
  • any AWOS is the only provider updating weather once every minute and displaying it on a custom web screen in real time.
  • any AWOS currently services the entire states of Michigan, Minnesota, and Vermont, and individual airports in California, Ohio, Florida, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania.
  • any AWOS is a company of active owner/pilots. As part of the pilot community ourselves, we want to see more airports reporting weather, not less.
  • any AWOS owns its technology, meaning that we not only provide the technology, we also developed it. This gives us tremendous flexibility in tailoring our service to your individual needs.
  • any AWOS does not require a long term contract. We're so sure you'll love the service that if you prefer, we can be on a month to month basis that allows you to terminate service without penalty. We also offer long term contracts for a discounted price.
  • any AWOS customer service is second to none. In addition to our superior technology, great customer service is the key to our business, and our customers will verify this. We assist our customers throughout our entire relationship.
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