How to use any AWOS Subscription Service

  1. Call 877- any AWOS
    • If you are calling from your usual number (the one you signed up with), the system will automatically recognize you.
    • If you are calling from a different phone, or if your caller id is not recognized for some reason, you will be asked to enter your 10 digit subscriber phone number followed by your 4 digit PIN.
  2. Choose AWOS, Terminal Area Forecast, or 7-day Forecast
    • Direct connection to the live AWOS
    • Forecasts broken into time periods and decoded into audio form
  3. Key in the 3 digit airport code using numbers
    • eg, for ORD, type 673 (corresponding to the letters on your phone)
    • blackberry and pda users push alt while typing letters
    • For an interactive example of how to specify airports on your phone, click here.
  4. Choose an airport
    • airports are given in order of closest to your home airport first
    • list will be in alphabetical order for the free trial
  5. Listen

More features

  • To listen to multiple airports:
    • press # at any time to enter another airport id -- for either AWOS's or TAF's
    • press * at any time to return to the main menu (switch back and forth between TAF's and AWOS's)
  • To access your custom favorite airports list:
    • Before calling, set up your list by logging in to your account
    • During a call, press 001 when asked for an airport id
    • You can then choose from your own list of airports
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